Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sick & Shut In

This week has not been a fun week around the Ashley house. We had to go to Gadsden on Tuesday morning to attend a funeral and on top of that Loren woke up sick. She had to work the rest of the week so she felt bad all week on top of working. I finally made her go to the doctor yesterday and she is starting to feel better. To make the weekend even better I woke up with the same crud this morning. Ashby girl has taken care of both of us this weekend. She has had a rough week with all the rain though. Check back next week to see if we made it back from being sick. Check out a few pictures from this week. Ashby girl got caught sleeping with the remote. We also got a lot of use out of her christmas present this week. Dave's sister got her a rain jacket.

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