Sunday, June 21, 2009

To ALL the Mommy's AND Daddy's I know:

Thank you for all the ways you make life so special for us every day.

Mother's Day and Father's Day are two very special days made in order to celebrate the people you cherish so much. Maybe they brought you into this world. Maybe they have become the role models you have based your life after. Maybe you wonder how they could possibly have so much love to spread over all the years you've been around. Maybe you're beginning to wonder just how you would/could ever repay them for all the things they've done for you.
I know that I owe so many wonderful things to my Momma and Daddy, and I'm thankful that days like today were made to celebrate them! Thank you for all you've done for me and Sam and Cayce and continue to do each day. You two have always brought such a special presence into our home that radiates through each of ours lives. Yes, we may be getting older, but the ways of the Brown house have yet to change. Our special days are always spent together and I'm glad we wouldn't have them any other way.
I love you to the moon and the stars and back!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friday Night = Date Night

Since Loren is at home for the summer we have tried to make an effort to see each other every weekend. I did not do such a good job of that last summer but so far this summer I am 100%. That is if you count the fact that I had to break my face for Loren to come see me the Thursday before she went on a trip with her mom and dad. This weekend she wanted to play (SHOP) with her mom on Saturday so we made plans for Friday after we both got off of work. We met at the galleria because Loren had to do some pre- shopping before her and her mom came back on Saturday morning. Little did I know that the same size pants can be different sizes. Also didn't know that you had to have certain shirts that matched the pants that you either already had (because she bought them on our last shopping trip) and the ones that she thought that she wanted until she found another color that she just needed but they didn't have the right size which goes back to my first point of same size but not the size she needed. I guess that's why I have been a bad shopper up until a few ago.

After we got the linen pant situation settled it was time to eat. There is this really nice steak place called Michael's. We both had to much food there and I embarrassed Loren because I was stretching in the chair so I could make more room for the last couple of bites of the steak.

After dinner and the rude waitress that was trying to rush us out of the booth we got to do some of my kind of shopping at Dicks Sporting Goods. I think that the real reason we got to go to Dick's was because Loren didn't want to watch the previews of the movie we were going to see.

So after Loren was a good sport about boy shopping we went to see Pelham 123. Very good movie by the way. (side note... the power went out at the start and got delayed about 15 min so we got free movie passes for the next time we go back)

The date night had come to and end and we had to go our separate ways so we said our goodbyes and now the wait is on until next weekend. Any suggestions? Hope everyone has a good week.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Weekend in Rome

YAY for the weekend! I was so excited for Friday, I just couldn't stand it. Not only had my first work week of the summer come to an end, but I was going to get to spend the WHOLE weekend with Dave :) We drove to Rome late Friday afternoon and had dinner with his mom and dad. Before dinner though, Dave had a little surprise to give his daddy. He had bought this little surprise with the intent of it being Mr. Mike's father's day present, but we ALL know Dave doesn't like to/can't keep secrets so he brought it home with him this weekend. It was a toy/remote control helicopter that we had found on our shopping trip a few weeks ago when we were in Birmingham. We had gone into Brookstone just to look around, maybe rest for a minute or two (because their massage chairs are WONDERFUL) and ended up coming out with TWO toy helicopters. Dave was SOO happy. I think if he could've taken that thing out of the box and played with it while we were walking through the mall he would've. So anyway, once Mr. Mike opened the box and realized Dave, too, had a helicopter, they spent the better half of the poor things battery life flying them around the living room. They would swoop and dive, crash and take off again... You would've thought it was Christmas morning and these two had gotten the BEST present EVER from Santa! After hearing these helicopters drop from six feet in the air, Dave usually replied with, "Oh, no worries. I bought an extended two year warranty. If they break we'll just get us some new ones!" After all that was established, they talked about setting the "trim" (I don't really know what that means) and how to go about keeping the thing in the air. It was pretty amusing to sit and watch the two of them fly toy helicopters around. Sandye said that Mike would end up painting stripes down his or something in order to tell them apart - BUT, if you looked closely, you could tell which one was Dave's... It was all scratched up and he had already busted the headlights out! BOY OH BOY...

Saturday got kicked off with a trip to the local barber's shop for Dave to get a haircut. I wish I could add a picture here, but I was so overwhelmed that it took us an hour and a half for him to get his hair cut, I didn't exactly think of taking a picture. We came home from our little "beetle" escapade to Jana and Sandye playing around. We all later went out to the airport to go for a plane ride. Mike made Dave manually pull the plane out of the hanger and walk it all the way out to the pump! Boy did he break a sweat on that walk- ha! After we got the plane gassed up I managed to find a bollard to prop my camera up on to get a picture of ALL of us on our adventure. This was going to be MY first time up in a small plane and Jana had decided that she wanted to try to fly for the first time, so I knew I HAD to document the day! Mike's plane is the one in the background and I was so excited to find that it was in the picture. That was TOTALLY not planned but turned out quite well I think. So, as we gathered headsets and got in position, Dave and I sat in the back while Jana and Mike were up front. It was interesting to be able to hear all the correspondence with the tower... Although I'm not sure I dig that part of flying. I think I like my SMALL little window and the partition that is between me and the instruments up front. Whatever my feelings, Jana was pumped about being up front and was ready to fly. So, as Dave and I sat in the back, we enjoyed looking over the Weiss Lake and Rome, finding our hangouts on the lake along with the brick house the Ashley's call home! While on our way back to the airport we were about to go over some mountains and Mike told us it was about to get bumpy. Jana hadn't flown the plane yet and Mike told her that we were getting too close to wait so she took control. Immediately the nose of the airplane went UP. Needless to say that scared the CRAP out of me. All and all it was a wonderful experience! We came home to a wonderful dinner and even more exciting - COMPANY! Ninnie and Jeri graced us with their presence for dinner and what a fabulous time we had. Thanks to everyone for an incredible weekend :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Broken Face

So a word to the wise. Don't catch a softball in the face!!!!! Last Wednesday I tried to and this is the result. I don't know how to put pictures up here so Loren will have to help me with that. Once I learn I will post a picture from Wednesday and today. I broke 15 small bones and 3 big ones. The major cheek bone is just separated. There is a bone around my eye that is separated and a bone in my nose as well. The Dr. said that it should all just grow back together. Lets just say that after 2 years of softball I might have to retire.