Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sick & Shut In

This week has not been a fun week around the Ashley house. We had to go to Gadsden on Tuesday morning to attend a funeral and on top of that Loren woke up sick. She had to work the rest of the week so she felt bad all week on top of working. I finally made her go to the doctor yesterday and she is starting to feel better. To make the weekend even better I woke up with the same crud this morning. Ashby girl has taken care of both of us this weekend. She has had a rough week with all the rain though. Check back next week to see if we made it back from being sick. Check out a few pictures from this week. Ashby girl got caught sleeping with the remote. We also got a lot of use out of her christmas present this week. Dave's sister got her a rain jacket.

Monday, January 16, 2012

We're Back!

I know it's been FOREVER since we've updated everyone on the happenings of our lives, but hopefully we can be faithful to our little blog again in 2012!

The picture above was the one we used in our Christmas cards this year! My sister is wonderful with a camera and even has a knack for keeping Ashby's attention! We're hoping to take a "family portrait" a few times throughout the year to chronicle everyone's changes :) We shall see how well that works out, though!

Here's to hoping 2012 will bring just as many amazing things as 2011 did. I can just feel it!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ashby Girl's First Haircut

It's summer. It's hot. Ashby needed a haircut.

But... what she got was maimed! Dave and I had been holding out on getting Ashby groomed because we loved her just the way she was - ball of fur and all. But as the summer progressed we noticed her having a little harder time on walks and figured she was probably past due on being groomed. Because we adopted Ashby from such special people, Mrs. Sharon sent us home with specific grooming directions for us to take when we took Ashby for a haircut.

Please remember: She's NOT a poodle, nor should she be cut like one. She's a Goldendoodle. The groomer the vet suggested in our new area, however, did not feel the same way.

Prior to Dave taking her to this new groomer, he emailed her, asked her about having Ashby cut, sent her the step by step instruction Mrs. Sharon made and asked her IF she felt like she could give our little girl a proper summer do. Much to our shock, she said sure.

The result of this "haircut" though, was a l.o.t. of tears on my part and a visit back to the groomer to let her know just how unhappy I was that she maimed by dog. UGH. And to make matters worse, we had to take the poor pup to the vet the next morning. Ended up, she had a double ear infection, probably caused by the grooming the previous day :(

Why the haircut bothered me so much, I'll never know, but for about three days, I thought she might have given us the wrong dog back. You know how people will say getting little boy's hair cut "brings out the mean" in them? Well, Ashby followed suit here. It was as if this puppy thought she had a new leaf on life. U.N.C.O.N.T.R.O.L.L.A.B.L.E. was the word.


I am happy to report, though, she is beginning to fluff back out, and we will NOT be returning to that particular groomer. I'm sure Snuff enjoyed being a little "lighter" for a few weeks, but I'm sure happy to have my curly monkey back. Eye boogers and all ;)


Love having your nails done?

I do. And I love that I've found something that lasts for at least two weeks (if not longer) without chipping or peeling off.

I had this Shellac by OPI put on my nails before heading to NYC, and was amazed at how well it stayed. Since nursing school ended I have been enamored with having my nails done, and after realizing how well this Shellac stays on my nails, I don't know if I'll ever go back to having a normal manicure done!They paint it straight onto your nails (none of that acrylic stuff here, ladies), and then place your hands in a little heat/blue light contraption and more or less bake the polish on your nails. They do that with each layer and you leave the salon with hard, dry nails. You can literally dig around in your purse the minute they finish!!! You have to soak your nail to remove it, but they're not damaged or anything when it comes off. Just buff them a little and they're good as new. Mine were peeling really badly before I got married, and now that I've been putting the Shellac on them for about two months now, they're almost as strong and healthy as they used to be.

I love it! I have them do a french manicure and there are times I can go three weeks without being able to tell I need to go back.

I know this post was a little out in left field, but it's awesome and you should try it! You'll be amazed and in love immediately ;)

Mr. Pound Cake

Pound Cake's are yummy, yes?

Well, come on over to our house. We're averaging one a week from bakery Chef Davis, though each of them keeps coming out oh so differently.

The first one he made, eh way back at the end of May, was p.e.r.f.e.c.t. It was moist, came out of the pan well... everything!

The second one had a little too much flower on it (which Dave tried to literally wash off), but still tasted yummy.

The third one wouldn't come out of the pan for love nor money, and was dry as all get out... but we ate it nonetheless.

Pound Cake #4, however, was gooey on the bottom, with a hole all the way through the middle, all the way around. I've never in my life seen something like that happen, but it has and it's weird.

He keeps trying to make the perfect cake, just like his Ninnie's, and won't stop until it happens. No matter how they look, they always taste delicious and are eaten before the weekend's over.

This, too will probably make me as big as the side of a barn... Here's to hoping I can learn to breath while running and love the hurt it causes :) 'cause right now, I'm struggling.

Yard Work and Gardening

Yes, those are two separate entities around our house, maintained by two separate individuals. Both of which, however, have been working very hard to make our house a home!

Dave's been throwing fertilizer and watering our grass like nobody's business since April. When we moved into our new little abode, the grass was, well... lacking a little life. It needed a lot of love and a ton of attention, and that's just what my man gave it! He now has to cut it at least twice a week and the neighbors are beginning to inquire about what he's using to make it look so good. That makes me so proud... and I know it makes him feel good, too. He's worked hard to make our little place a home, something that's got our little stamp on it, and I think he's done a wonderful job.

On the other end of the spectrum, I've been tending to plants. A colorless yard drives me crazy, and though I know very little about plants and flowers, I have four lovely ladies that have been giving me wonderful advice on what I need to plant, where it should go, and how I need to keep it alive (key word there being alive). So, while Dave was gone to Boston, I bought some red Begonias and Jew (this lovely, hardy purple stuff) and started digging away at our front yard.I planted them once, waited a few days and decided I didn't like the way it looked, so I dug 'em up and planted them again. I think I like them now, if only a certain yard man would keep his lawnmower wheels from running over them, I think they'd live :)

Beyond that, Sandye sent me some hosta that I separated and planted in the back yard along with some daisies and day lilies. I'm praying it all lives, or at least makes it through the winter and comes back strong and healthy next year. We shall see.

I've been thankful for the rain we've been getting and smiling when I pull into the driveway. It's so nice to have a little color smiling back at your when you pull up at home.

Buckle Up for Safety, Flash

Safety in the care has always been A #1 in our house (both growing up and now), so why should Ashby Girl be excluded?

When my mom found out that Ashby has a tendency to ride shot-gun, or even better, in your lap, she started her hunt for a doggie seatbelt. ...And she found one!

Dave wasn't too thrilled about it, but seeing as though it's meant for MY car, he shouldn't really wrinkle his brow too hard.

As you can see, though, neither of them were really having fun testing this new appliance out.

It does however, keep this wild thing contained in the car! We immediately took her outside and strapped her in, and boy oh boy does it ever keep her still. She didn't know what to think about it, but I know her Honey will be happy to know everyone is being kept safe while on the road!

Thanks Mom!