Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Play Day

How many of you lovelies out there have a Publix? Well, if you do, you know they have this little promise that if ANYTHING EVER rings up the wrong price, you get it for FREE!

A couple of summers ago, this happened to me. I had been reading that poster reminding customers about their promise to give you any item that rings up the wrong price and I finally got them.

Guess what!? It happened again today! I had gone to Publix over the weekend to grab a few items and while at the check-out counter, saw some stuff on their clearance wracks. By the time I decided I wanted something on there, she had already totaled my bill. So, I thought, "If it's meant for me to have, it'll be here the next time I come in". Guess what... It was there today. This nice smelling little bottle of body wash! My sweet cousin, Patti, had given my mom and me some kitchen soap back on one of our trips to the beach this spring and I absolutely fell in love with it! So, when I saw this little fella on clearance for $3.00 at Publix AND it was still there four days later, I just knew I had to have it.
But... Remember how I told you about the Publix promise? Well, I got 'em again! Yep, this sweet smelling stuff rang up regular price. I almost missed the "wrong price ring up", but luckily I started thinking about what my total should've been and realized it was TOO much! I turned and started inquiring to the lady at the register and she politely fixed the price and then handed me back monies for the original price of the body wash! (**After everything was over, I kinda held my breath because the last time I did something like that was ove a jar of peanut butter the night before Dave and I were supposed to leave for Vegas and that one did NOT end well - EEK! He was rather proud of me, today, though!**)

Talk about a good trip to the grocery store! I walked out of there with a free bottle of body wash! That just goes to show, you've GOT to be on top of those prices... They'll get you more times than you think! And you, too, could walk away on top :)

I don't know what your sky looked like today, but for the better half of our day, this is what we saw.
It didn't keep us from spending a few hours a the pool, though :)
Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Dinner - Yep, We Have 'Em Too!

Our Sunday's usually play out like this:
  • Church @ TCAT
  • Chores
  • Lots of TV
  • A good homemade dinner!

Today was no different! We had planned on spending some time at the pool, but we both agreed that a day off was in order. We have been talking a lot about places to live and what kind of houses we like and don't like, etc etc, so after we did some of those "up-keep" things, we decided to go look at some places we had found in the little free Crimson Homes catalog I had picked up at the grocery store. All of them were a bust, but we definitely figured out that some places were closer than we had once thought.

Later in the afternoon, I decided to go play at my usual honey-holes for a little "quiet time". When I got back, though, I was surprised by the sight I saw!

Nope... You are NOT seeing things! Dave had slipped off to the grocery store and come back with the finxins' for a good ole homemade Sunday night dinner - and I was super pumped! Grilled shrimp (with his special sauce), fried okra, baked potato, and corn was on the menu for the evening and boy oh boy was it sure to be good... no, GREAT!

We both enjoy fried okra so much, but... I don't (and WILL NOT) fry stuff (both for fear of hot grease and the fact that I'd rather have stuff cooked another way). Dave has this under control, though! And he LOVED shaking it up in the bag :) Want fried chicken? Nuggets are his specialty! Want some french fries? He can fry you up some of those, too! And now... Go ahead and add some okra to that list, because let me tell you... It was DELICIOUS! It tasted just like my momma's :)

Doesn't it look yummy? We need the smell-o-vision right now, because not only did it taste wonderfully, but it smelled SOOO good, too!I always look forward to good home cooked meals when I go home... but, after all these years, it's also nice to know that we've both picked up some skills from our incredible moms along the way in order to make our own Sunday dinners, too!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gotta LOVE the Start (2nd Day) of Summer!


...And sorry to those of you who have been wondering where we've been! Summer is OFFICIALLY here and we celebrated today in no other way than with some POOL TIME :)
Between my summer work schedule and Dave's, we try to reserve at least Tuesday (or whatever day I have before my "work week"), as "play day" - just relaxing, spending time together and getting things all settled and together before the grind of life sets in.
Hope everyone has been enjoying the wonderful sunshine, but has also been staying cool! Summer time has proven to be a little tricky for us in the blog world (and keeping things updated), so we're going to try and do better than last summer - no promises though ;)
OH - And, I was in Wal-Mart today just looking around when this lady turned and said, "My, I just love those freckles!" Let me just say, that sweet lady absolutely made my day!