Friday, April 30, 2010

April Showers Bring May...


Yep, folks. That's right. It's supposed to rain... AGAIN... for the second Saturday in a row. I am NOT pleased. The rain was nice last weekend (for a little while), but some Vitamin D is definitely in order for this girl - and sunshine is needed for that! I am thankful our cars aren't yellow anymore, but geeze! What's a girl gotta do? Will all of the April showers bring beautiful May flowers? I surely hope so.

Thankful for Friday

YAY! My week of HESI's are over... And, I must say, I couldn't be happier!

Exhausted, you ask? Why CERTAINLY.

Wondering if I have the mental capabilities to study for another week's worth of tests? I shall persevere!

Good things come to those who...
THINK POSITIVE and trust in the Lord!

Dave has been such a trooper this week. Yes, as Dave likes to say, "It's been quiet time" for the most part, but the quiet is over for a few days and I'm super excited to get to catch up on some TV shows I've missed. And on top of the television watching, I got a special treat this afternoon!

Gotta love some Chick-Fil-A ( MMM lemonade)... especially to top off a Friday!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book Buy-Backs - What a J.O.K.E.!

Over the weekend, Dave had gotten an email saying that The UPS Store was buying back books this year! WOW! That's a new one. The email claimed to give back the most money for your books and then they would donate and portion of the monies.

Sounded like a good idea, right?

I had gone through some of my nursing books that I haven't needed in the last two semesters and thought I might could get some extra change, too. WRONG! Sixteen dollars is the most they were going to give me for five books (one book = $14.00, that book originally cost me $89.95 and the other one came in a bundle, but I know it was worth more than $2.00)!
We drove around campus comparing buy-back prices until Dave found a store that would give him almost as much back as what he originally paid for them. Me on the other hand, just kept all mine. I'd rather give them away to someone who can't afford to buy books than to sell them back to the bookstore and have them re-sell that same book for a gazillion percent more! It's insane!
Moral of this post: Book company's are ripping students off... and it infuriates me to no end!

Water Jug

As a child, my brother and I grew up with a glass water jug (much like this one) that had been my Gran-Gran's. It housed LOADS and LOADS of change that my daddy would empty from his pockets nightly (minus the $1.25 in change he would make sure to leave on his dresser for the next day's "pocket change"). One night, while rough-housing in my brother's room, something happened in the way of me pushing Samuel or him falling (or something), and the next thing we knew, his head hit the glass jug and shattered it :( I immediately started crying (because my this point, my Gran-Gran wasn't around anymore and I knew that this glass jug was irreplaceable). Momma made sure everyone was okay and didn't scold us near enough. I could tell we had just taken something from her... something she couldn't make better. Since that night, long ago, I have been looking for a glass jug similar to my Gran-Gran's. And one day, I'm going to come upon another one - hopefully not having to pay $65.00 for shipping off of ebay! Even still, I think it would be worth it!

Have you ever broken something special and tried to replace it?

Monday, April 26, 2010


Dave has been on a Double-Doozie kick for a couple of days now and thought of a "sweet" idea!

Today is O.U.R. "Special Day" (or one of them, anyhow)! One year ago, he proposed in Central Park... One year ago, he got down on one knee - in a very fairy tale like way - and asked me to marry him... One year ago, our journey began down yet another road... One we both look forward to walking for a lifetime!

Although I don't love the Double-Doozie as Dave does, the gesture was perfect, and he made me some plain chocolate chip cookies all of my own :)

Happy April 26, 2010, my Davis!

Our one year countdown is almost upon us!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yep... It's that time. Dave and I have finals coming up. Tomorrow's my first of six tests. Three HESI's this week and three regular finals next week.

Say a prayer for knowledge and wisdom, calmness and good results, would ya?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Second/Third Round Pick Recap

Round Two and Three Picks are in and here are the results:
Hope everyone is staying dry on this rainy Saturday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Round Recap

For those of you living under rock (and I mean that in the nicest way possible), here are what we consider to be the most important picks from the First Round picks on Thursday night!

Rolando McClain (Alabama):
First Round - 8th Pick - Inside Linebacker - Oakland Raiders
Kareem Jackson (Alabama):
First Round - 20th Pick - Cornerback - Houston

Sam Bradford (Oklahoma):
First Round - 1st Pick - QB - St. Louis Rams
Tim Tebow (Florida):
First Round - 25 - QB - Denver Broncos

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of today being Earth Day, I wanted to share a little story:

Being in Peds clinical these last few weeks, I've definitely been impressed at the way teachers and nurses can manipulate questions in order to get down on a young child's level and make them think! Take for example, one teacher was trying to engage her kids in their craft activity for the day and was teaching them about the world. She was telling them about how most of our land is encompassed by water (which is blue) and the other parts are the land people live on (the green). She then took and traced their little hands (and I got to help... I was super excited). While sitting in circle time, she then took each piece of the activity - a round blue circle, random cut-outs of green and their hands - and asked them about a sound they sing, "I've got the whole world, in my hands" (obviously manipulated slightly - eek!). She asked them what they thought that meant, to have the whole world in their hands. At that moment, I found myself wrapped up in her question.

I know that my GOD has the whole world in HIS hands, but what would it mean for us to ask ourselves that question? Is it opportunity... adventure... the chance to make our world better? That's a hard question for me to answer, much less kids somewhere ranging in the toddler to preschool years. But, then again, I do tend to over analyze, so maybe that's my problem. Maybe the simplistic minds of children really do have it all figured out! Wouldn't that be amazing!

Happy Earth Day! Maybe you found a way to contribute to the betterment of our world. I don't use hairspray, I eat off of regular dishes and I drink a LOT of water, so I'm thinking I'm doing considerably well... but there's always room for improvement :)

Let The Draft Begin!

Yep, that's right folks. These two (Dave and I) are pretty pumped about tonight's first round picks! (And if you haven't read my previous post, then would probably wouldn't know that I was in NYC last year during the Draft and got to go into Radio City Music Hall during Sunday's round - pretty cool, if I may say so myself [definitely a once in a lifetime experience]!)
We've got quite a few our of beloved players up for some picks and we're keeping our fingers crossed for good teams! I'm not that big into the professional football stuff, but after feeling some slight emotional attachment to some of our players that decided to "go pro", I think it might transform my opinion.
This is the latest I could find on Rolando McClain, here are some stats and an incredible statement I found on "I don't know that I've met a more intelligent young man in relation to the game of football than Rolando McClain", Bronco's coach John McDaniel told reporters last week.
Here's a little scoop on Mt. Cody with his stats.
Studying is important, but so are some of the little things in life. Here's to trying to do BOTH tonight. Maybe Dave will be nice and blog "post-first round" news!

Has it been a YEAR already?

As we are approaching another special series of days in our lives, I am flooded with memiories of this time last year and my excitement for a simple school trip with 55 seventh and eighth graders and the anticipation of walking over every inch of NYC in just three days! Never in a million years did I imagine it would turn out like it did!

Introducing Our Newest WORST NIGHTMARE!

World of flab... You're going DOWN!Now, about those super lean leg muscles and extreme calf muscles I haven't seen since... (well we won't go there). M-A-J-O-R goal! Those super sweet arm muscles I've always wanted but never took the time the achieve - it's gotta happen! And we (Dave and I) are going to make it happen! Team Work... Team Work!
Dave and I have been talking about getting healthy for a while now and once spring finally arrived, I think it's all set it: We can't hide under our winter "coats" any longer. The count down to our very special day is almost upon us and we've made a pact! Every girl wants things just so for that special day, and although I would love to say I am utterly and completely different... I'm not. I don't want to look back through pictures on our 50th anniversary and wish I had taken the time to have some sweet arm detail :) (After all, sleeves and big arm ruffles just aren't my style!)
Jana was sweet enough to make a special work out for us to do (THANK YOU IMMENSELY!) and after just one workout, I'm pretty pumped. Dave's going on week three of this routine with a day for arms and a day for legs, and after laughing at him for hardly being able to walk after the first week, I started with the arms today and hope payback in not in order :)
So, what better way than to wake up and head to the gym than during a HUGE study week? Daddy is always telling me that exercise will make me feel better - especially during times like this. So, Daddy - I'm going to try it your way for the next three weeks. You better be right :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Going To My Happy Place

After HOURS of NCLEX questions and reading and being couped up when it so pretty outside, I decided to take a little break and share with you my happy place for the day :)

I am vigorously counting down the days until summer break... Seventeen and counting! Seventeen days until I can enjoy the beautiful sunshine, my lovely family and a good Patricia Cornwell book I started two weekends ago on an amazing road trip with my bestest buddy ever!

SEVENTEEN DAYS. I think I just might be able to manage.

Say a prayer though. HESI's and finals are quickly approaching :(
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy A-Day!

How 'bout it? Saturday was F.U.L.L. of fun and we couldn't have asked for better weather! My football buddy (my sweet Daddy) came to play along with some of the boys and boy did we have a blast! I have TONS of pictures I would love to share, but with the time constraint I have already continued to find myself in this week (and next week and the week after that), updates may be few and far between and I shall apologize now :)

This week has already turned out to be a busy one (but, I expected nothing less). HESI and Finals are quickly approaching - YUCK!, though that means summer break is, too (and you can only imagine how excited I am)! Hope everyone is enjoying what little "Spring" we've been able to enjoy and have found some time to play in your busy schedules.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All Things W.H.I.T.E.!

Have I mentioned my new love for all things white? No, maybe not. But, as of the last couple of weeks (and the new blog stalking that I've caught myself doing), I have found a new love...

I am enthralled by the clean, sleek look it gives all the while inviting color through flowers and food! I am currently on the prowl for cute finds at my "special" places! Milk Glass... Hobnail... I am constantly looking for what my mom and I call "finds" :) I thought I had come across a perfect white milk glass looking pitcher over the weekend, but as I got close, I found it was chipped in several places. Looking back, I wonder if I could've disguised them with flower arrangements and just about kick myself when I start having such convincing thoughts. HA! Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe a better one is in the future somewhere, just waiting for me to find it!

My New Picture Program

For those of you, who, like me, need a little spice in their picture filing/compiling/editing life (via your computer), I have found this: PICASA! And it is wonderful!

I have been playing around with it as of late, and have found it very easy to work with. I'm sure there are LOADS I could do with it, but I'm figuring it out little by little - teaching myself along the way.

For anyone out there that already work with PICASA and KNOW how to do some cool stuff, PLEASE enlighten me! I'm a sponge just waiting to soak things up :)

MMM... Strawberries!

OK... So, I know I've been a little behind on posting from this weekend's Easter festivities, but I wanted to share with you something my mom has made for years (and was a special treat this weekend)! It's simple... It's easy... And it's OH SO GOOD!
Strawberry Shortcake: Cupcake Style!

Yep, you got it! We use cupcakes made from a yellow cake mix (right out of the box, just follow the directions for making it), and then add all of our good "fixin's" right to it! If you're like me, this is definitely the way to go! If not for the small portion of the ONE cupcake, I could sit there and eat EVERY last bite of whatever was made! I.LOVE.IT! And don't all the layers just make it so pretty?

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

It's that time of year again... Time for the good ole American sport to get underway! And in order to celebrate this wonderful sport (of which I have dedicated so many years of my life to watching and consequently can no longer count the number of years, or remember the number of summers/falls I spent at a red dirt encompassed field), Dave and I kicked off our season at an Alabama Baseball game last night!
Although they didn't quite pull out a WIN, we had a blast!
I forgot the camera, so here are a few clips borrowed from here of last night's game (along with an article and all the stats):
The weather was wonderful, minus all the pollen you had to wipe out of the seats before you could sit down! Bama Baseball is traveling to Jacksonville State this afternoon... If you're in the area, you should scoot on out that way!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

For Parents of Little Monkeys:

I stumbled upon the blog below about two/three weeks ago and have absolutely fallen in love!

I have specifically decided to share not only this blog, but also this specific post with you because it melted my heart. She has taken this special week to share with her children the story of our Lord's suffering and resurrection - in a fun, interactive way THEY can understand!

Go on, now... GO READ!

Then, come back and let me know what you think! I'm pretty sure you'll be in awe of this woman. I know I was!

Happy April!

It is so hard to believe that Easter is only three days away, but I am so elated that God has blessed us with the most wonderful weather this week to honour his Son!

As you may already know, this was/is a test week for me. I have been studying outside the majority of the week in order to keep myself (a.) awake, but (b.) to enjoy the weather! I made a little trip to see one of my professor's this morning for a little fetal circulation chat, and found a special little "happy" on my way!
Are these tulips not ABSOLUTELY gorgeous? The color... The simplicity... AH! I LOVE TULIPS!

I wish I could revel in the fact that I have awesome camera skills and that these shots (taken with my little Nikon digital pocket camera) are creative or something... But they're not :) They are, however, beautiful in a "WOW, look at how amazing our Creator is" kind of way!
Beyond the meaning of Easter, in and of itself, I L.O.V.E. the fact that the Dogwood Trees' white flowers bloom just about every year on the weekend of Easter at my house, and how our campus consistently plants tulips in the same beds as the pansies so that for a few short weeks, there is this amazing combination of color and texture going on - it too, happening right around Easter! More than anything though, it makes me think of His love and suffering for us and how, at the end of it all, His arms are open - ALWAYS!
I hope you guys are getting to experience this "wonderful-ness" of Spring, yet in the midst of it all, remembering, too "the reason for the season"!