Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rest of Las Vegas

So I know we have been slacking on this whole blog thing. Sorry to everyone who checks it everyday. I know I check it everyday hoping that Loren will put something up there becasue she made it my homepage on my computer. I was informed yesterday that it was my turn so I am going to try my best.

We had a great first day in Vegas but we had 3 more days to go. We started out our 2nd day by going to the Venetian. We wanted to take a gondola ride but the outside was closed. We then found out there was one on the inside so we set out on a trek to find it. We never found the place to get on it but we did find lots of shopping and all of these umbrellas. Good thing we didn't find the start of the ride because it was like 40 dollars.

After the shopping we found the classic car collection. My dad would have spent the whole day in this place but we had things to do and places to be so we just made a quick stroll. I found my favorite car - the Shelby Mustang. Loren picked out what she thought was a cute car in the Woody and then found her good old jeep. Even though she has flashbacks of a power pole when she sees a Jeep I think she would have driven this old thing up the strip.

When we got through with the car place we decided to get bus tickets. We got on the bus and just rode to see where it would take us. We rode and rode and rode. Finally getting all the way back to the other end of the strip. We started out at M&M world. 4 floors of M&M's. Loren wanted something brown but for some reason they have everything you could think of in every different color except for brown.
Then on to the World of Coke. We had to get the Cokes in the glass bottle because they just taste so much better - a "MEXICAN" Coke to be exact. I told Loren to act like we had just one the race and to take a drink of her Coke. I also told her to turn the labels so the "sponsors" could see the label. I think I did a great job... Loren is still learning. The Coke store was this huge coke bottle. I wanted to get the whole bottle in the picture and Loren couldn't do it. (That's what the sad face is for.)

On our way back to the room that night we had to stop and see the water show. Just one show? Well of course we watched 3 or 4 again that night too. Then we walked through the Bellagio to get a players card. When you sign up for a players card they give you 10 dollars to play in the slots. Loren quickly turned her 10 dollars into 2.25. We had fun trying though but her sad face says it all when it goes to our luck gambling for the trip. We were a little tired after our second day and the pictures shows that Loren barely made it.

The 3rd day of our trip Loren was excited about. Our Limo driver the first night had told us about the Miracle Mile Shops. It was a one mile circle of shopping. I think that I played good shopping buddy again that day just like I had played nice earlier in the summer in Birmingham. Crazy shirts was a good stop.

Paris was on the way to the bus stop so we took a few pictures. Who knew you could go to one place and see Las Vegas, New York City, and Paris all in one day.

By now it was lunch time. Saturday was the 4th of July and Loren was a little disappointed that she couldn't be at home with her family to eat barbecue and watch fireworks so we made a stop at Margaritaville to eat some BBQ. The fireworks were later to come that night.

We had heard about $1.00 dollar Black Jack so we made our way down to the end of the strip to find the Sahara. Loren wasn't much of a gambler up until this point but she managed to perk up when it was really only $1.00 per hand. I think we managed to win enough to buy a bus ride back to the hotel. I think we were on our way to millions 1 buck at a time but we had to leave to go get ready for our show.

When we were in Rome for a few days in early June to see Jana my mom told us that we had to go see a show. I informed her that those things cost money and I didn't have any since I now support myself. She was greatful enough to buy Loren and I some tickets to see Love. It was a great show. Even I was impressed and that has to say something.

We got out of the show just in time to see the volcano show in front of the Mirage. We also managed to have a great spot for the fireworks. And of course we had to make our nightly showing at the fountain. I think we stayed for over an hour this time and stayed long enough to get front and center. At least we got a good picture out of the deal.

Sunday was the last day to play. So, we finally took our gondola ride!
And we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower to see one last show!But, then it was time to go home. We decided that getting up EARLY on Monday would be a great idea... Maybe we could catch an earlier flight home. Guess what?! IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! We sat in the airport in Vegas for SIX HOURS! AH!!!!!!!!
But, we safely made it home after being delayed in Atlanta. All in all it was a wonderful trip. Loren's mom and dad met us in Birmingham to welcome us back home. What was wonderful greeting!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Las Vegas: Day One - - Peanut Butter was the "BANE of Our Trip"!

Hello All! Welcome to the recap our of Vegas trip. It's going to have to come in some "parts" because I just don't think I can contain all the memories to just ONE entry. So, I'm going to start from the beginning: THURSDAY MORNING.

With our bags packed and suitcases loaded in the car, we head out to the "big" Birmingham International Airport. After checking our bags at the door (and holding my breath that mine was under the 50 lb limit) we proceeded to security. **Side note: Dave and I had gone to the grocery store Wednesday night and bought some snacks. Stuff like crackers and peanut butter, pop-tarts and apples, just to have around the room and in our bag while traveling and for a little pick-me-up in the afternoons. We thought this was just going to be fabulous. Now fast forward back to security** So, at this point we are a little behind (because I didn't get ready quite fast enough). We get all the way through the line and start unloading our pockets, taking our shoes off and pushing it all down the belt. Just when we thought we had made it, the little lady from security goes, "Who's bag is this?" Dave said it was his with this questionable look on his face. As she starts digging through our carry-on full of snacks, she finds our 18oz jar of peanut butter and says, "Sir, I'm going to have to through this away." After a little fiasco we had had at the grocery store the night before over the peanut butter, she was NOT going to throw that jar away! In order to keep the nice lady from throwing our peanut butter away though, Dave had to go all the way BACK outside to put it in our luggage that we had already checked and then come BACK through security. Needless to say, we cut time a little close leaving Birmingham, but we had the peanut butter.
Once we got on the plane and through Atlanta, our trip had finally begun! Four hours later (with time change and all) we had landed in Las Vegas. Dave spotted Charles Barkley in a video store as soon as we got off the plane and insisted I take his picture with this "star" (if you would still call him that).
After taking the picture and talking about why he would never be governor of our state we began to get a little closer to baggage claim. At this point I started thinking about New York and how Dave had promised me that he would be at the airport to pick us up on Sunday with a sign in his hands with my name on it. (And even though I thought that would've been cool, the surprise I got was even better!) While having these thoughts though, this man just pops up with a sign that said, "Presidential Limousines: D. Ashley". What a surprise! I had just gotten off the phone with my mom telling her that we had landed and that I would be sure to call her and let her know that I had survived the cab ride to our hotel (because I have this awful fear of cabs - Watch The Bone Collector and you'll understand) ... BUT, I didn't have to take a cab because we had a limo waiting for us :)
Our limo driver was super nice and took us to the welcome sign to take our picture and then drove the scenic route to our hotel.

(At this point Dave began taking pictures out of the windows as if we weren't going to be walking for the next four days to get better shots of these places. But, it was cute!) As we got closer to our hotel, I realized just how pretty Caesar's Palace was. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and it was right next to the Belagio (which has the fountain that I was determined to see at least ten times). So, we got our stuff, stood in line for our room for a good twenty minutes (or Dave did at least, I people-watched) and began the journey to find it. Now, dont let these places fool you, just because you've gotten inside the hotel, doesn't mean you dont have another ten minutes worth of walking before you even get to the elevator that takes you up five flights to your room - we were NOT prepared for that! The room was magnificant... The view - interesting. We arrived a little earlier than planned and due to this, got traded on the room we were supposed to have, which was fine, but I think Dave was a little bummed at first. But, we unpacked and put everything away so that we could go play without having that looming feeling over us.

Straight to the Forum Shops we heading and took our time gawking at everything.

We got cornered at one point by a lady wanting us to sign up for a 90 minute thing. She promised us $100.00 but Dave eventually walked away (little did he know where that money could've gotten us later!). After the shops came our walk through the statues and over to the fountain! I was super pumped about getting to see these infamous shows I couldn't contain myself. Below is one of the first shows we saw. I managed to get Dave to record one :)

After walking for a while longer, we went to try our hand at the Craps table (which proved well) and change for Dave's little surprise because we had to be downstairs at 7:00. Dave's surprise was a limo tour of Vegas at night. We got to go back to the sign to take some more pictures and then we set out on our quest. First was the fountain show - AGAIN! Then, a wedding chapel - just for PICTURES!

All in all, DAY ONE was fabulous! We did so much that we barely realized how tired we were until settling down in the back of the limo on our way back to the hotel. We quickly realized that tomorrow was rapidly approaching and sleep was definitely needed!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Coming Soon...

As most of you know, Dave and I just got back from our trip to Las Vegas. Due to spending most of Monday sitting in the airport and worrying about our flights possibly getting cancled, we have both been trying to catch up on some much needed SLEEP!

"You just got off of vacation", I'm sure some of you are saying, but let me let you in on a little secret: We walked a LOT while we were there and tried to cram as much into the time we had as possible... So, I don't know that either of us would venture to say we "relaxed" enough while we were gone.

Therefore, we will try to start telling you about our trip over this coming weekend - when we both finally get to sleep late and aren't dragging when we get home from work :)