Sunday, July 3, 2011


Love having your nails done?

I do. And I love that I've found something that lasts for at least two weeks (if not longer) without chipping or peeling off.

I had this Shellac by OPI put on my nails before heading to NYC, and was amazed at how well it stayed. Since nursing school ended I have been enamored with having my nails done, and after realizing how well this Shellac stays on my nails, I don't know if I'll ever go back to having a normal manicure done!They paint it straight onto your nails (none of that acrylic stuff here, ladies), and then place your hands in a little heat/blue light contraption and more or less bake the polish on your nails. They do that with each layer and you leave the salon with hard, dry nails. You can literally dig around in your purse the minute they finish!!! You have to soak your nail to remove it, but they're not damaged or anything when it comes off. Just buff them a little and they're good as new. Mine were peeling really badly before I got married, and now that I've been putting the Shellac on them for about two months now, they're almost as strong and healthy as they used to be.

I love it! I have them do a french manicure and there are times I can go three weeks without being able to tell I need to go back.

I know this post was a little out in left field, but it's awesome and you should try it! You'll be amazed and in love immediately ;)

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