Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mr. Pound Cake

Pound Cake's are yummy, yes?

Well, come on over to our house. We're averaging one a week from bakery Chef Davis, though each of them keeps coming out oh so differently.

The first one he made, eh way back at the end of May, was p.e.r.f.e.c.t. It was moist, came out of the pan well... everything!

The second one had a little too much flower on it (which Dave tried to literally wash off), but still tasted yummy.

The third one wouldn't come out of the pan for love nor money, and was dry as all get out... but we ate it nonetheless.

Pound Cake #4, however, was gooey on the bottom, with a hole all the way through the middle, all the way around. I've never in my life seen something like that happen, but it has and it's weird.

He keeps trying to make the perfect cake, just like his Ninnie's, and won't stop until it happens. No matter how they look, they always taste delicious and are eaten before the weekend's over.

This, too will probably make me as big as the side of a barn... Here's to hoping I can learn to breath while running and love the hurt it causes :) 'cause right now, I'm struggling.

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